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John Crause

Hello, my name is John Crause. I am a born again Christian and I have always loved comics. Since I was young I had a fascination with comic books and all kinds of comic strips, like they used to put in the Newspapers.

Do they still put comic strips in the Newspapers? I don’t know because these days everything is digital.

Anyway, the one day my father brought home a book on how to draw comic strips. I looked through the book and from that day on I was hooked on this idea of drawing my own comics.

It started my passion for not only comics but pencil drawing and art in general.

The one thing that I found was that so many comics have bad humor or they just don’t have any meaning. Many of them are worldly and don’t inspire you. I wanted to draw comics that were clean and simple, and that could even have a message.

Johnny – A Self Portrait

I wanted Christian comics that inspired you and made you laugh, but where not just the typical religious stuff. Because I believe we should laugh. The Bible says:

The Joy of the Lord is your strength

Nehemiah 8:10

So now that I could draw (Sort of) I thought to myself:

I have been told often that I can be funny. So why don’t I make my own comic strip?

Abe Comics

And so I began drawing comics about this guy named Abe (Abraham) and his funny friend Ed. At first I just made up random jokes but eventually I started developing these characters.

You can find these comics on the Abe Comics page.

I suppose you could say that Abe is me in some ways. And in some ways Ed is also me. These characters may not be real, but like me they are believers, and experience life. I have often showed the experiences I was going through in my comics.


Bible Laughs

Eventually I got inspired to draw cartoons based on Bible characters, and so the Bible Laughs Comic strip was born.

You can find them on the Bible Laughs page.

The idea of the Bible Laughs comic is to tell the stories we know, but just give a funny take on how they could have happened. And in the end, I hope that you remember the story even better, or perhaps go read it yourself to see what really happened.

Bible Laughs Comic

These are the two main comics that I draw regularly. Though this is only a hobby as I am very busy with my work at Global Business Ministries International, the ministry that my father (Apostle Les D. Crause) founded.

So these days drawing comics has become more rare, but when I do draw one in my spare time, I try and do my best, and my drawing has improved a lot since the beginning.

Here is my first Abe Comic from when I started.

Abe - Intro
Abe – Intro

I hope that you enjoy your stay on my website. Thank you for reading through this page. If you want to leave a comment below and tell me what you think, then feel free.

I would also appreciate if you spread the word about my comics so that they can reach more people. If you know anyone that may enjoy them.

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