1. I like your cartoons and thank you for sharing our Jesus with the world through Facebook.

    I am interested in putting my cartoons about the Bible somewhere and am considering this. Any suggestions on how to get started. They have been published in small local newspaper for over 10 yrs…once a week. Consist of one drawing and one Bible Verse. I am retired finally.

    Used to do Facebook, but walked away because of all the trivial discussions and photos of people related to the one person I know…

    I am 78 yrs old and finally retired but would still like to publish my cartoons and share them with the world. In 2000, I got a book published, Illustrated Bible Verses by Donna B Gray.

    Current true to life activity that is drawn in single picture format and includes a Bible Verse.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Donna B Gray

    1. Hi Donna,

      I am not sure if you will see this reply. My apologies for not responding when you posted this, I have been inactive on my comic website for a few months and didn’t see this comment.

      It is great to see that you are making comics and want to share them. Unfortunately I am not sure if there is any good tips I can give, as I just do this as a hobby. I am more busy with our online ministry, and the comics are a kind of side passion project. I used to do them almost daily back when I had more time and I managed to grow a mailing list. But now I do them less, it is so much work and nobody seems to realise how long it takes.

      I just post my comics on this website I made, I am not sure how many people actually find the website. I also post everywhere else I can find including Facebook, though I do not like it much. I post on Instagram a lot lately which seems to get more response sometimes.

      I wish you the best with your comics.

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